July 21, 2019

Three Principles For The Sabbath

1) It Is A Gift From God

2) It Allows God To Provide Supernaturally

3) There Are Consequences For Neglecting The Sabbath

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July 14, 2019

How We Take The Name Of The Lord In A Vain Way

Practices: When Our Lifestyles Don't Measure Up

Prayers: When We Pray Outside The Will Of God

Proclamations: When We Swear By His Name

Prophesying: When We Prophesy Our Opinions

Bethany Media
July 7, 2019

An Investigation Of Idolatry

1) Idols Are A Pollutant

2) Idolatry Has Generational Consequences

3) God Blesses Those Who Will Not Bow Before Idols

4) How To Respond To An Idol

Bethany Media
June 23, 2019

Five Realities Of The Precious Blood Of Jesus

The Blood Of Jesus Is Precious Because Of Its Renewing, Reconciling, Reassuring, Renewing and Song-Inspiring Power

Bethany Media
June 2, 2019

Three Principles Of Prayer

Pray According To The Will Of God

Pray From A Position Of Righteousness

Pray Without Ceasing

Bethany Media
May 26, 2019

Actions That Produce Peace

1) Pursue Wisdom

2) Pray & Meditate On The Word

3) Cultivate Relationships

Bethany Media
May 19, 2019

Who Qualifies For Compassion?

1) Those Who Are Ignorant And Going Astray

2) Those Who Are Weary And Scattered

3) Those Who Are Wounded And Destitute

Bethany Media
May 12, 2019

The 5 Passions Of A Godly Woman

1) Passion To Protect

2) Passion To Praise

3) Passion To Pray

4) Passion To Give

5) Passion To Love

Bethany Media
May 5, 2019


1) Passion Increases Your Love

2) Passion Sharpens Your Discernment

3) Passion Purifies Your Motives

4) Passion Matures Your Righteousness

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