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God created us to grow through relationships. Come grow as a disciple of Christ and connect with the body.

Current Sermon Series

turkish delight: The joy of the Lord

Our worship is energetic and passionate, we teach from the Bible in a powerful but practical way, and we love others compassionately.

About Us

Bethany centers on two things, the presence of God and discipleship. When the presence of God is blended with the  relationship of discipleship, then the life of God in the believer can flourish. These two things are like the legs of the body, they are the foundation for the church. They are what propel Bethany in the calling that God has placed on this church.


Our Vision

We are people of His presence

Our desire is to see every person living with the presence of God at the center of their life. Where every day our focus, our gaze, is set on His presence. 

We are about making disciples

   Each one

     The heart of Each One is knowing that we are now sons through the spirit of                                           adoption, understanding  who are in Christ, and living it as reality.

   Teach One

     The Word of God is primary in our growth as a disciple. It is not a book of rules and regulations, but       a living and active part of our lives. We seek not to just tell people what the Bible says, but to teach       them to hear God for themselves.

   Reach one

     As we grow in discipleship we begin to turn our focus on to Jesus’ command to make disciples. We       turn our perspective to the harvest and take our responsibility to labor in the harvest.