Family Part 2

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You know, when I think about family, I think about where I have come from. Family is a history of who you are, it is your roots and your future all wrapped into one. At our family gatherings we have 4-5 generations all present. They represent times past, experiences that we have lived through. There is also the future of where the family is going, the potential of what could be.


I look at the family of God here in Bethany and I see that we all have the same roots. A people, who no matter their past, all have the same Father. I see a people who reflect the history God's faithfulness, the experience of His blessing.  I also see the future of what He is calling us into, the generations that are being raised up to bear His name.


The Bethany Family is a blend of both the past, present, and future. We want to celebrate that on Sunday September 10th, starting at 10am. Join us for food, fun for the kids, and fellowship after the service.

Daniel Turnquist