Our Story

Bethany was birthed from a dream Pastor Jordan had in 2000. God spoke to him about leading a powerful church Billings, MT. Feeling the burden of this call on his life, Pastor Jordan began to pursue the ministry.

In September of 2005, after much prayer, discussion, planning, and work, Bethany was launched. Our first service was held in the front room of his grandmother’s house. With a young staff and a zealous pursuit of God’s word for Billings, we began the journey of planting the church.

Within the first year we outgrew the house, with people in every nook, cranny and stairwell. It was at that moment that God opened the door for us to rent the chapel of the nearby Christian school. It was here that God developed our team as we learned to trust Him through many financial decisions, ministry seasons and accommodation changes. Over those years not only did our size grow, but we grew as a family of believers.

In 2015 the services were overflowing the cafeteria into the adjacent kitchen, and the hallway. Once again God came through at the right time and blessed us with our current building. We are now in a season where Bethany is being elevated to accomplish what God has called us to. We are excited for the plans that God has for Bethany and Billings, will you join us?